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Occupational Health Building Services

Our specialist Occupational Health and Build Services compliance professionals are readily available to offer practical assistance for all eventualities.

We combine Health and Safety legislation requirements with our technical services knowhow and commercial expertise to deliver practical compliance solutions, tailored to cost-effectively meet your organisation’s specific demands. Without ever compromising on the quality of services delivered.

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Education sector

Health & safety legislation in Education

Statute Compliance Ltd develops leading strategies to support Educational Institutions apply health & safety legislation and maintenance obligations in an efficient and timely manner.

Our Complete Compliance package plan is our innovative solution to an outstanding communication and management of health and safety at work regulations in the Education Sector. The package combines more than 150 health and safety regulations and building services requirement into one bespoke plan. Design to specifically close all regulatory compliance gaps.

Good Health is Good Business – Investing in better health management provision can boost the economy and increase productive capacity, now when we most need it. COVID-19 has forced health onto the agenda of every business around the world. Companies must address health and safety regulations as health regulatory guidance continue to shift.

Prevent occupational ill-health, and protect your organisation’s interest with Statute Compliance.

Our Services

All Handled By Us For You

Our services are delivered by our in-house team of professionals with a combination of in-depth knowledge of health and safety regulation at work act, HSE guidance and SFG20 asset performance regime.

Combining of all 4 of our services into one package plan offer you a wholesome health & safety compliance solution at a fraction of the cost.


We carefully examine how each legislation requirement applies to your organisation’s structure. Through this exercise, we produce simple and practical safety policies, practices, protocols, processes & procedures tailored to transform your safety culture.


We carefully examine how each operation manual, manufacturer service guideline and code of practice apply to your critical operating systems and assets. Through this exercise, we produce simple & practical planned & preventative maintenance regimes to ensure maximum performance.


We carefully examine how each legislation requirement applies to your critical operating systems and assets. Through this exercise, we produce simple and practical H&S statutory services & solutions regimes that ensure a consistent standard of services.


We collect records in a unique format which offers a high level of transparency and consistency. Additionally, a combination of all our services into one package plan enables us to tailor a routine, up-to-date, wholesome service report on the level of compliance and critical asset productivity.

What They’re Saying

Customer Testimonials

What I love about the complete compliance package plan? Simple. The ‘Stress Free Management’ style. One PO from our Health & Safety budget and all of our H&S and Maintenance requirements are taken care of.

Kevin Samgi

Multi Academy Facilities Manager

Statute Compliance Ltd ‘talk the talk’ by guaranteeing free call outs & repair works on all operating systems and assets. A truly remarkable proposition for any school looking for complete statutory services and inspections at affordable cost with no hidden fees.

Hasmuk Lacmane

Premises & Facilities Manager

I’m quite impressed by their simple yet effective end results; they establish Health & Safety processes & procedures that are truly rooted to our school ethos. Excellent Standards, Excellent Results. Highly Recommend!

Sue Baker

School Business Manager


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Statutory Compliance Just Got Easier

Our complete compliance package combines more than 185 safety requirements, services, inspections, solutions, guidelines and codes of practice & standards into one delivery strategy that is developed and tailored for your institution/s. We are extremely proud of our delivery standards which is why we complement this package plan with exclusive financial benefits such as:

Free call outs on all assets included in the maintenance/service regime

Free remedial/rectification work on all assets included in the maintenance/service regime.

Tailored & Enhanced Asset Management Plan.